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TRM Copy Centers is the trusted provider of self service retail copy centers for nearly 17,000 retailers throughout the United States.

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With nearly 17,000 convenience copy centers located throughout the United States, we have been the worldwide leader in convenience photocopying for over 25 years.

TRM Copy Centers understands the needs of retailers. We support some of the country's largest and most successful grocery, convenience and drug store chains, along with thousands of smaller businesses.

Whether you have a single location or hundreds of locations, we provide personalized support and programs that minimize your investment and maximize the impact on your business.

Everybody Needs Copies...

and no one wants to go far to get them.

That's why TRM Convenience Copy Centers are so effective at attracting new people into neighborhood businesses, turning them into repeat customers and a steady source of additional revenue.

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I see lots of different new faces everday.

They just need a copy, but when they are here they buy other things, such as lunch or breakfast.

I would 100% recommend TRM Copy Centers to my friends and family.


- Mubasher Ali, Owner, 7-11 Store 21998


There's no question about it - having a high-quality copier in our store has increased foot traffic and helped us grow.

We get a lot of repeat customers, and with TRM's service, their experience is always first-rate.


- Gary Balo, Owner, Paulsen's Pharmacy

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